The Humble Administrator’s Garden

Yesterday we took Lynne to one of the gardens in the Old Town. We had been here soon after we arrived – in the heat of summer. It was nice then, but not an overly pleasant experience with a 7 week old who was feeling the heat almost as much as her mother. This time, I hope Arlo was feeling a bit warmer than her mother was – it was cold – we even saw a few snowflakes! We also got to see so much more this time, because we weren’t hidden in a corner trying to stay cool.
Afternoon sun
Same round gateway in winter

And just to compare, here we were at the same gateway five months ago.
A round gateway in summer


5 thoughts on “The Humble Administrator’s Garden

  1. Magnificent garden … had to drop by and say so! What an amazing bonsai garden! It sure does look rather cool over your way … hope Arlo was snug and warm in that space module.

    Your photos have been terrific. You’ve both been out and about seeing some wonderful vistas and fantastic places. Say hello to Geoff … almost ready to start the new school year here! Groan!

    Cheers from Bernie.

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