Nannie visits

Arlo’s grandmother, Geoff’s mum, is visiting for a couple of weeks. Arlo has had a great time getting to know her, as it’s been five months since we last saw her. We waited up on Thursday night to see Nannie when she arrived from Shanghai.
Greeting Nannie
Last night saw Arlo getting closer and closer to Nannie – figuratively and literally.
Getting to know Nannie
Getting to know Nannie
Nannie brought a pile of gifts with her (this is the third round of presents for Arlo, the second being when Geoff returned to work to find five parcels waiting for us). Madam hasn’t quite figured out what to do with presents yet, but she knew she needed help of some description. Help she wasn’t getting here!
Would someone PLEASE help me open these?
Loving books she received from her cousins.
More gifts
Today we went to the old town to find a particular tailor (we couldn’t) and do a spot of shopping. We wandered some of the old canals, had some tea, saw a temple…
In Suzhou Old Town
And picked up a couple of bargains.
We’re looking forward to more fun days with Nannie.


6 thoughts on “Nannie visits

  1. Lynne, you look soooooo different – must be the WINTER clothes!!!

    Have a wonderful and exciting time in China; particularly enjoy getting to know Arlo all over again.

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