Hong Kong, part 5 – New Years Eve

We’re back in cold Suzhou, but the Hong Kong updates continue. The last day of 2010 we soaked up the sun on Lamma Island, about half an hour from the city.
Lamma Island
Boats at Lamma Island
Arlo had her first experience on a beach in warmish weather.Sunscreening
Beach bubba
Beach bubba
First paddle on the beach
Dipping our toes in
Beach day on Lamma Island
Sandy feet
Then, of course, we ate food!Lunch on Lamma
Arlo tucking into some cucumber.Mmmmm, cucumber!
Arlo wasn’t feeling too well in the evening – it wasn’t the cucumber, more likely the bad Hong Kong air or a consequence of her habit of grabbing at strangers and then putting her hands (or anything) in her mouth – that’s gotta stop. So she was all blocked up with a bad cold and cough, often coughing until she puked (noice!!), so we stayed at the hotel. This was our picnic in our hotel room.NYE snacks
We headed up to the gym on the top floor and looked down on the street below. We were glad to be in the warmth and away from the crowds and noise.NYE crowds in downtown Hong Kong
NYE crowds in downtown Hong Kong
And then there were the fireworks. They counted down the last minute of 2010 on the side of the building and then shot fireworks out for a short while. Probably 8 minutes, given their love for the number 8. This is the tallest building in Hong Kong, nicknamed “the nose-trimmer” because, well, that’s what it looks like!Fireworks
Watching the fireworks at midnight

Afterwards we went straight to bed and woke up around 9.30. Arlo’s cold has much improved. A great way to start 2011!!


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