Hong Kong, part 1

WARNING: This post is VERY photo-heavy…

So we decided to fly south for the winter. Though we haven’t had it too bad in Suzhou, we were looking forward to a bit of warm weather, so headed for Hong Kong. We’re loving everything about it, from the accommodation to being able to communicate with everyone and read signs – it’s amazing how much you take being able to read for granted until you find that you can’t do it, which is obviously what we experience daily in mainland China.

We had a great flight – even Arlo got her own seat!Flying south for the winter...We’re staying at The Langham for five nights. Oh my God!, this place is gorgeous. More photos to come, but here are just a few of our room. Don’t worry, there is a blind that comes down between the bathroom and the bedroom, so our dignity is preserved…
Arlo in our hotel room
Arlo in our hotel roomNot far from our hotel is the Tiffany Christmas Tree and a fancy carousel. It’s in an area near the harbour with all fancy shops and stuff – sorry, not feeling too eloquent right now – just know that the shops were all sparkly and we didn’t dare venture inside any!!
Christmas in Hong Kong
Christmas in Hong Kong
Christmas in Hong Kong
Christmas in Hong KongAfter hanging out at the fancy place for a while, we headed to the harbour to take a look at the buildings on Hong Kong Island (we’re staying in Kowloon).
Hong Kong at night
Hong Kong at night
Drinks by the waterThe next day (today) we took a half day tour around Hong Kong. First stop was Victoria Peak for a view of the city.
Hong KongWe learnt we were quite a way from home (Arlo is wearing her dad’s jumper in this picture – fits her well, no?).
Some distance from homeWe then went to Aberdeen and sailed around an area full of sanpans – typhoon shelters that many people have turned into their homes because real estate in Hong Kong is so crazily expensive.Aberdeen, Hong Kong
Aberdeen, Hong Kong
Aberdeen, Hong KongThen we had a snack in Stanley – a gorgeous place by the water that reminded us both of Horseshoe Bay on Magnetic Island, making us both a bit homesick.
Geoff at StanleyWhen we came back to the city, we had dim sum lunch overlooking the harbour.
Lunch on the harbour
Lunch on the harbourArlo wasn’t too sure about the spinach I gave her, but she munched away on it. Later I found her munching on the tag of her bib with the same vigour, so I’m not sure if she finds Ikea bibs delicious, or thinks that spinach is pretty tasteless…
Sceptical about spinachAfter lunch we headed along Nathan Road, one of the main shopping streets. As usual, Arlo was a hit with everyone in the shops. Geoff snapped this picture of the staff in a chemist, all vying for Arlo smiles.
Admiring ArloNeon and people overload, but we love this place!!!
Hong Kong street
Hong Kong street


6 thoughts on “Hong Kong, part 1

  1. Glad you are having a great time away. Love the pics (as usual!!) – food ones always look great. We would love to escape the shit weather here to – but any quick getaways would result in more bad weather!!

  2. What a feast of colour and light and presumably warmer temps. So welcome after the grayness and cold of recent weeks. Lap it all up. Some great photos for your walls back in Suzhou.

  3. Hey Tanya, Geoff & Arlo, if you go to HK again let me know – I am sure I could arrange for you to meet up with some of my JCI friends. They might be able to show you around some more too. Can see that you got around to alot yourselves, but might help with a local tour guide too.

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