The rest of Christmas Day

Opening the presents – guess who got most of the gifts!Christmas morning
Worn out after opening presents – and sleeping in her new sleeping bag.Worn out
I made truffles.truffles - in progresstruffles
Geoff made the real food. And it was DELICIOUS!!!!Christmas lunch/dinner
Arlo thought so too. This is her first solid food – a stick of broccoli. It kept her occupied for ages – she loved it!!First food - broccoli
First food - broccoli
She refused to let go of the food, even when she wanted water!First food - broccoli
First food - broccoliWe had a fabulous day. We Skyped with family (well, those who were online and answering our calls), had naps (Arlo and I did), and enjoyed our first Christmas as a family of three. Arlo is now asleep while Geoff and I watch The Mighty Boosh (for the umpteenth time).  A great day!!


6 thoughts on “The rest of Christmas Day

  1. Merry Christmas Tanya, Geoff & Arlo, looks like you had a great day and Arlo had fun with the paper (that’s a cheap present) Geoff said that is torture giving her broccoli ! We had fun with Troy Laura Jake & Lillie & then M,M, Z,S & L until latish..Keep warm Luv A & G

  2. Merry christmas!! Love the broccoli eater pics.
    Guilty of not answering your call… dealing with a nappy explosion while russ was busy throwing up from food poisoning or some such. we will try call you today. xoxox
    ps did arlo’s pressies from us arrive yet?

    • That’s ok – thought it might be something similar – but not something so dramatic. Hope Russ is better and the explosion – well, nothing much I can say about that, except I understand.

      Arlo’s pressie did arrive – thanks so much. Love those hard books – and the Bear Hunt song is one of our favourites, so the book will be a hit. Did ours arrive to your place? It might be there when you get back…

      Enjoy Austria and probably your last white Christmas for a while…?

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