I’d like to say that, like other bloggers, this place has been a hive of pre-Christmas activity. Alas, that all ended with the decorating of the tree and the wrapping of presents (mostly as yet unworn clothes I hauled out of Arlo’s drawers).
DanglingThe weather has dropped significantly in the past few days and now hovers around freezing all the time. We are lucky enough to know how that feels, since the heating in our house sucks!
WashingWe had been told that Chinese apartments are not built for the cold, and they weren’t kidding. Draughts come in from all places, the airconditioners (split systems – the only form of heating provided) are uncooperative – when you set the temperature to 25 degrees they sit at a consistent 15 degrees.
WashingWe have a couple of free-standing heaters, one especially for the study/sewing room that doesn’t have aircon. However, having all the heaters on, plus the sewing machine or the vacuum cleaner, overloads the power supply and everything shuts down. So there’s been no vacuuming. And when sewing, it’s a case of dashing to the fuse box every five minutes. Because I can’t sew with cold toes.
WashingThough I did buy some Ugg boots the other week. Or, as they call them here, U-G-G Boots. Geoff made fun of me until I told him how toasty my feet were. So then we went back to get him a pair and the seller had disappeared. Of course, they weren’t real Ugg boots.
PlayingSo now our Christmas wish list includes flannel pyjamas and slippers. Yes, the cold is making us incredibly unfashionable. Although it does seem to be the trend here to bring your own slippers when you’re invited to someone’s home. A trend I will certainly embrace.
PlayingWe’re running out of quilts in the house! Four (now three) cover the couch, three are on the bed, and two are Arlo-sized for her to play on. So I’ve had to start making more quilts for us. Because I don’t know that three quilts on our  bed will be enough in the middle of winter.
PlayingArlo tolerates my sewing well. For about five minutes. Then she’s either rolled into a cupboard or is demanding my attention for some other reason (probably because I’ve got my back to her while I’m sewing). So sewing is a slow process with madam around.
Quilt making...But I’ll get there…


9 thoughts on “Chilling

  1. Must bring back memories of cold Canberra winters with little heating? But I guess a few years in the tropics have thinned your blood somewhat.

    Great excuse for more quilt making – as though you needed one – and with access to lots of lovely, cheap fabrics you will be in patchworker heaven, so long as the Ugg boots go the distance.

    • Yeah, maybe I’m just old now – those Canberra winters seem like nothing compared to the cold here. Though today it was warm, and it’s supposed to get warmer the next few days, so I’ll enjoy the good weather while it lasts.

      Off to Shanghai tomorrow in search of lovely quilting fabric – not sure how well I’ll go, but I’ll be looking…

  2. Sorry – too distracted looking at cute pictures to read about how COLD it is for you. Except to say – nothing wrong with flannies and slippers. And the take along the slipper thing – they do that here too.
    Heat beads and hot water bottles are also good 🙂

    • I know I shouldn’t be complaining when I know you guys have it much worse. We’ve started using the hot water bottle in bed, and bought a new radiator that doesn’t seem to consume power the way the other heater did. I just wish it would snow (and the snow would linger) so we could do something with the cold.

  3. We’ve embraced the Tassie ‘bring your (fake) Uggs’ trend too…I was excited to get to wear ‘real’ clothes in Canberra….!

    Sorry – if i’d have known it was so cold, i’d have knit you something you could wear, not carry – your package is in the mail btw (only a year late!)…it went to Geoff’s work – and the lady in the PO here told me just writing ‘China’ wasn’t good enough – it had to say ‘The Peoples Republic of China’ specifically – so i wrote it on the top!

    Cute pics of Arlo..

    • I didn’t say to write PRC on the address? Sorry. Hope the package doesn’t go to Taiwan or Hong Kong (unlikely, you’d think…)

      Weather is getting warmer and we’re off to Shanghai tomorrow, perhaps to purchase real clothes.

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