Family time

We’ve been busy entertaining lately. Arlo’s Aunty Sarah arrived on Thursday night and we’ve spent the past few days hanging out together. First up was hanging ornaments from family on the tree.
Hanging decorations on the treeThen there was lots of getting to know Aunty Sarah.
BondingBondingBig smilesAnd exploring Shanghai – Geoff, Sarah and Arlo on The Bund.
The BundWe took Sarah to my favourite place (that I know of so far) in Shanghai – Tai Kang Lu.
Tai Kang LuSarah left for Beijing on Sunday morning, so we wandered around the Old Town – and bought FABRIC!!! This cost half the price I would have paid in Australia, and I didn’t bother to bargain down (next time I will…).
FabricWe also saw little, little birds on skewers
LunchLanterns hanging in the trees
LanternsAnd escaped the crowds and had a caffeine fix at the same time.
Drinking coffee(Arlo gets an empty cup, not a coffee – yet).

We had such a great time (though short) with Sarah and can’t wait to see her, and the rest of her family, again in a few months.


9 thoughts on “Family time

  1. Obviously a great time with Sarah, and I bet she was just as keen to see you all again.

    Great photos again from Shanghai BUT ….. it’s that fabric shop I want! I could move right in with the sewing machine any time.

    Photos of what you bought, please.

  2. This was nothing compared to the fabric market – which I haven’t been to yet. The shop just sold canvas-type fabric – great for yoga mat bags and cushion covers… But all so cheap! I just bought a couple of metres of striped fabric for cushion covers or bags. Will post pics sometime soon.

  3. Great Snaps.
    How cheap was the fabric (question mark not working)
    Glad you have finally had a visitor – makes you not feel so far away i am sure. I love Sarah’s dress too!!

    • It was about $3 a metre for thick calico/drill fabric. I only got 2 metres and turned them into cushion covers. Still yet to go to the fabric market here – lots of bargains (if you can bargain down), I’ve been told.

  4. Thanks Tanya, Geoff & Arlo for a fabulous weekend. Planning now underway for the April visit….this time with empty bags! Great pics too Tanya.

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