Do you think she’s teething?

We’re living in a world of drool here, along with an almost nappy rash (lots of “air time” to sort that out), a fair whack of grumpiness, and chewing everything in sight – fabric of any description seems to be a particular favourite, but fingers (anyone’s), cups and all toys are also targets. However, we can’t see any actual signs of teeth yet, so I don’t know how long this will go on for – hopefully it will end before she’s, um, two…???
Teething 1
Teething 2
Teething 3
Teething 4
Teething 5
Teething 6
Teething 7
But when she’s not chewing on stuff, there is often this:
Teething 8Teething 9


9 thoughts on “Do you think she’s teething?

  1. YES, definitely! Nearly five months is not too early. Isn’t it lucky that we can’t remember what it was like to get our first teeth?

    Those photos are real classics. The hair is certainly ‘on the move’ now.

    • Actually, the hair at the back is getting matted now – really knotty. I find myself plucking almost dreadlocks out every other day. I don’t know if it’s from wearing hats or jumpers or because she’s able to lift her head now when she’s lying on her back – but she’s losing hair back there, a lot of it.

  2. yep – teeth are coming!!!
    To save clothes being soaked in drool – i used to put little badanas (kerchief thingys a la matt preston) around their necks. Can look quite groovy! Nothing worse than drool soaked clothes getting cold on little skin.

    • Good idea. Have been thinking of getting her a scarf of some kind for the cold (can’t find any skivvies here) – you’re way, she’ll look cool as well as warm and dry.

  3. Some real concentration being shown as she munches away on those fingers!

    They all go through a permanently damp down the front stage. It’s just not fun when you realise that dribble is running down your arm and it’s not yours. When Pip was about three he said to the mother of a baby, “Excuse me, I think your baby is leaking.”

    I hope she gets her teeth and dries out soon.

  4. My friend Kim had this groovy thing – which I think is meant to be used for helping kids learn to suck on food stuffs – but stick and ice cube in it and its like an icy-dummy for sore teeth/gums. Bought a smile to her childs face everytime she got her hands on it (not to mention mine when I was charged with looking after said child who was unimpressed with life when didn’t have said icy treat in hand). Want me to find one to send??

    Outside of that, looks like China is treating you all well – I’m very glad (although, hopefully Geoff isn’t scaring too many small children with the new look he is portraying on Facebook!).

    Love me xx

    • I think you gave us one already. Problem is, I don’t want to add ice to the drool levels, especially outside – would be great if we were back home, being summer and all. Perhaps when I start her on solid foods (she’s still solely breastmilk) it will be handy.

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