Shanghai. Again.

I don’t think we’ll ever get sick of trips to Shanghai. We jumped on a train on Saturday morning and headed in, staying overnight at a really nice hotel a block back from The Bund.

Arlo – relaxing before heading out to see the sights
Chillin' in the hotel
I don’t think Geoff planned it when he booked the hotel, but we were super close to fabric sellers, button sellers, lace sellers, zipper sellers and string sellers – a place I have to remember for future reference. Each of these balls of string is about the size of a soccer ball.
String. LOTS of string.
Our first stop was The Bund – lots of gorgeous old architecture right on the river.
The Bund
Arlo and Geoff - hollering
Right across from The Bund is Pudong. Arlo and I had already been here, but we wanted to show Geoff around.
Pudong, from The Bund
We went through The Bund Sightseeing Tunnel to get from The Bund to Pudong (it’s some gondola-type carriages on rails and goes under the river). This is something I would recommend to … nobody. Unless you’re looking for something super, super cheesy to do. It was supposed to replicate going to the centre of the earth, but frankly, it was just shit. But it got us to the other side of the river. From there Geoff had his sights firmly planted on The Bottle Opener:
The bottle opener
It’s actually the World Financial Centre, the tallest building in Shanghai with the highest observation deck in the world.

As seems to be our way, we chose a day, and a time of day, when the rest of Shanghai wanted to visit as well. It took a good hour to get to the 100th floor.
Sunset from the bottle opener
Sadly, Arlo doesn’t really share her father’s love of tall buildings just yet, and not long after we got to the top she had a fabulous meltdown.
Arlo loses it
Arlo desperate to get away from the crowds
We stood in the 100-person deep (at least) queue to get downstairs but she was having none of that, so we went to the front of the line and told them we could wait half an hour with her screaming, or they could put us in the next lift. Another couple with a young baby followed us the whole way. Funnily enough, nobody at the front of the line seemed to begrudge us cutting in…! Once we were down at the 94th floor, Arlo was thrilled.
Arlo and Tanya, escaping the chaos of the bottle opener
We went to the bar there and relaxed – drinks all round (beer, soda water and milk – I’m sure you can figure out who had what!). We also timed it so that we were there for a brilliant sunset with fabulous views of the lights of The Bund. Sadly, all our pictures of it suck, so we’ll just have to go back some time (to the bar only – though we were happy to go to the top, it’s another thing we can just tick off the list – the view from the bar was no worse than higher up).

Once at the bottom we caught the tacky gondola-thing back to The Bund and took more pictures of both sides of the river.
Pudong, from The BundOriental Pearl TV Tower
The Bund
We had dinner at Shanghai Grandmother before getting back to the hotel late. But we took the time to give Arlo her very first bath ever in a full size bathtub. She loved it. Yes, our formally hydrophobic baby really is becoming a little mermaid.

The next day we had a late breakfast and headed out shopping – to Marks and Spencer, where we bought essentials such as socks, handkerchiefs, a snowsuit and wine-!! Then it was back on the train and back to Suzhou. Not a bad way to fill up an empty weekend, we’ve decided.

12 thoughts on “Shanghai. Again.

    • I know – over 7kg now!! Everyone says she’s really big for 4.5 months – though she’s right on average. And before everyone thought she was so small…

  1. Nothing like a screaming babe to get you to the front of the lines. Not much fun, but it can come in handy πŸ™‚
    That’s quite a building and an amazing skyline.
    Arlo looks like she wore both herself and Mum out in that 9th photo.
    Sounds like a fun weekend though.

  2. That third last night time pic is amazing!!
    Oh Wow – like fabric and zipper and button shops… HAVE to take me there!!!
    that is good to know – pinch Arlo and cut to the front of the line!!!

    • They’re amazing! Will have to brush up on my Chinglish and my bargaining skills before I get there though – I’m sure they won’t speak any English.

  3. Hi there, Hope I’m not intruding too much! Your mum told me to have a look at your blog and I’ve added it to my list of “asian” blogs. Nice to read you!
    f r a n k i e

  4. Another set of wonderful photos introducing us to the spectacular sights of Shanghai. My favourite, though, is still the first photo.

    What could be more gorgeous than that little girl resting there on her elbows as though she has control of her whole world…..which I’m sure she does……lol.

    Just fantastic.

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