Our little fish…

Today was cold and windy – what better day for your first swimming adventure? Luckily the pool at Geoff’s school is indoors, so it was a relatively balmy 28 degrees (celsius).

We had the kiddie pool all to ourselves while swimming lessons happened in the big pool. Arlo was a little bit wary at the start, but soon warmed up to playing with dad in the water.

Pool 1
Pool 2
Pool 3
Pool 4
Pool 5
Pool 6
Pool 7
Pool 8
Pool 9
Pool 10
Pool 11
Pool 12

Hopefully, this will be a weekly adventure.


7 thoughts on “Our little fish…

    • We will. Might even end up being a couple of bubs going – well, one friend who is still pregnant (due in 3 weeks) wants to eventually bring her son along.

  1. Fantastic photos. What a lovely outlook the pool has. Next week it will be your turn to be instructor, will it?

    Arlo looks like she’s really enjoying it ….. and I guess Daddy is enjoying it even more.

    • Nah, this is a daddy-daughter thing, though I will be there too.

      The whole school is amazing, not just the pool. Need to do a blog post about it someday, if Geoff ever gets around to doing it (or getting lots of photos of the school).

    • She was a total daddy’s girl the whole time. Even treating us to her rare ‘proper’ laughs when he was dunking his head under the water – she thought it was hysterical. Not so hysterical when she went under as well, though.

  2. Lovely smiles 🙂 Looks like lots of fun for daddy and daughter….and great photo ops for mum.
    Wish I had a lovely pool like that to swim in, especially during our own 6 long months of grey (and white).
    You’ll have to find some colorful fabric to sew.

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