EXPO 2010 – Shanghai

Expo was one of the things we had planned to visit before we even arrived in China. Since it ends at the end of the month, we knew we had to get along to see it all soon. Unfortunately, a few other people had the same idea. Actually, more than a few. 1.03 million other people had the same idea. Sigh.

This is the China pavilion. Not even the Chinese people I spoke to bothered to go to that one. The queue was hours long – and that was when people had a ticket! This is one of the iconic buildings of Expo, on a lot of the advertising, and one of the few buildings that will remain standing after the show ends.China pavillion

Queuing up and feeling like cows in a dairy waiting to be milked. Luckily, we were at the fast entrance and it only took us about fifteen minutes to get through. Others at the main entrance said it took more than an hour. Security, as always in China, was pretty tight, with x-ray machines and metal detectors. Only this time, people seemed to actually care what was in someone’s bags or what was setting off the metal detectors.
Cattle or people - entering Expo

The queue for the ladies toilet was almost as long as the queue to get through the gates. And as is typical the world over, there was no queue for the mens toilet.
Toilet queue!!

We managed to jump the hours long queue to get into the Australia pavilion by flashing our passports.
Australia pavillion

Not that we were impressed with what we saw. We were all incredibly underwhelmed by the entire pavilion, but overwhelmed by the crowd.
The crowds in the Australia pavillion

This is what Arlo thought of it all:
Unimpressed with the Australia pavillion

At the other end of the Australia pavilion. Another Aussie couple saw us trying to hunt down a couple of seats, so saved theirs for us. We managed to rest a while with a couple of Pure Blonde beers – almost like being back at home.
Calming down with a Pure Blonde - just like home

The signs at Expo, like signs all over China, continued to amuse us.

The architecture wowed us.
Expo architecture

There were many pavilions we wanted to go to but just didn’t bother because of the length of the queue.
Sweden pavillion

I mean, seriously, look at this. Remember, 1.03 million people were here.

But we managed to smile through it all (or most of it) – mainly by swapping who pushed Arlo’s pram before we started using it as a battering ram to get past everyone.
Managing to smile...

And then we found a restaurant attached to the Argentinian pavilion. There was hardly anyone here, so we sat and ate and shared a few laughs, before going home.
The end of a long day - away from the crowds!!

So that was Expo. We’ve seen it, have no need to ever go back. To ANY Expo. Anywhere. Ever again. It wasn’t just the crowds, we agreed that it’s just not our thing. But we are glad we went to this one.


8 thoughts on “EXPO 2010 – Shanghai

  1. firstly – are they little teeth that i can see?? you were braver than I would be. queues and I are do not get along well – ever!!! Thanks for the snaps again! really 1.03 million that was about a million too many for me!!

  2. Those crowds are horrendous, but the pics of the little bub are adorable 🙂
    You certainly are seeing some interesting sights. The Wall looks amazing. Thanks for sharing all these great photos.
    The signs are hilarious 🙂

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