The last of the Beijing pictures

A random assortment of Beijing snaps (WARNING: very photo heavy…)

Men playing board games on the streetPlaying games

Walking through the hutong near our hotelBeijing street scenes 6

Rickshaw overload!!Beijing street scenes 7


TeapotsTea pots

Candied fruit – we tried the hawthorne berries (red kebabs) – ok but once was enough.Street food

Power lines


Being philosophical?Words of wisdom?

SleepingMore sleeping

More sleepingSleeping

Carving Peking duck for us at Da Dong Restaurant – THE place to eat this Beijing delicacy (it was VERY good!!)Carving duck at Da Dong Restaurant

Random Beijing street at nightBeijing street at night

A bold statement:The sign says it all...

Geoff and Arlo at the Water Cube (where the aquatic events were held at the 2008 Olympics – now it’s a water park with slides and stuff)The Water Cube

The Bird’s Nest (Olympic Stadium) – just about 200m from the Water CubeBird's Nest

The Olympic Tower (telecommunications tower) – just about 200m from the Bird’s NestOlympic tower

Why is it that when the action is priceless, I become a crap photographer? Another magical moment – blurred!!Blurry - again!!

Coal cakes – part of the cause of Beijing’s winter pollution problemCoal cakes

Tanya and her ever-so-photogenic baby girlArlo and Tanya

The CCTV building on one of the smoggiest days of our week in BeijingCCTV building

Improvised cooking method – the hairdryer. Hutong street food.Street food




Chinese translations – a joy to read! Why can’t people double-check their spelling before hitting ‘pring’?Chinese spelling issues

Lanterns hanging in Ghost StreetGhost Street

On the road in the countryIn the country


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