The Great Wall of China

I kind of wanted to save the best for last, and the Great Wall was definitely the highlight of our trip to Beijing for me. We hired a driver for the day and took in the wall at Mutianyu (close to Beijing, but not as close as Badaling, so not quite as many people – but still a lot), the Ming Tombs, the Sacred Way, and then back in Beijing we were taken to the Bird’s Nest and the Water Cube (ok, so there may be a couple more Beijing posts to come…). Anyway, one of the conditions for us coming to China was that we would get to see the Great Wall. I’d like to go back and hike it for something more than the kilometre or so that we walked (taking a tired 3-month old further – on steep hills – wasn’t something we thought was worth doing on this day).

Hawkers hassling everyone on the way to (and from) the entrance to the wall. Actually, I did buy a tacky Great Wall hat, as I had left mine back at the hotel.
Hawkers at the entrance to the Great Wall at Mutianyu
The Chinglish is even on the wall…
We didn’t walk all along here…
Great Wall of China at Mutianyu
Deceptively looking like we’re alone on the wall
Tanya on the Great Wall of China
Geoff and Arlo on the wall
The view
Great Wall of China
Us – and everyone else
Us on the Great Wall of China
Almost empty
Great Wall of China
Lunchtime by the Great Wall


7 thoughts on “The Great Wall of China

  1. Did you have to pinch yourselves to realise that you really were walking on The Great Wall of China? I felt like that on my first visit to London; see so many places I had heard of all my life but never thought I would see.

    Great photos again. Arlo is having so many adventures; what a shame she doesn’t know it….lol.

  2. Very cool. Hope we can visit you guys – and the wall 🙂
    How good is the Baby Bjorn by the way?
    Arlo, like Evelynne, is unlikely to remember having such adventures… but at least you have the photos to prove it!

  3. Tanya, I have looked at these photos over and over, and do you know what keeps me coming back to look yet again? It’s the look on your face……that look of happiness and contentment. I hope it never changes.

  4. I have just been having a lovely catch up on all your great photos, have missed some time whilst in Melb looking after the gorgeous Ella. You are having a super time I can see that and how absolutely gorgeous little Arlo is. Hope you survive the cold winter coming, I will have to get knitting again for a scarf for my beautiful great niece.

    • Oooh, yes please. I’ve been thinking she’ll need a scarf to keep her little neck warm. She’s been getting great use of the blue cardigan already. Pants are still a little big, but will be fabulous as an extra outer layer when it gets REALLY cold soon.

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