The Ming Tombs and Sacred Way

We hired a driver for the day and took in a bunch of sites around Beijing, one of them being the Ming Tombs and the Sacred Way. I was going to ramble on about what the Ming Tombs are all about, but I took a photo instead:
Ming Tombs - description
Now that you’re educated on all thing Ming Tomb-ish, here are some pictures.Wall at Ming TombsWhat amazed me most about everything in the underground tomb (apart from the crowds, but they weren’t amazing so much as bloody annoying) was all the money that people threw at each significant site in the tomb. For example, the emperor’s throne:Ming TombsThat was about as interesting as the tomb was (to me). Because Geoff and I had to tag-team our tomb visit, I took pictures of a willing subject while I waited for Geoff to come back (notice the drool on her front – not sure if she’s started teething or if she just likes dribbling):
Arlo at Ming TombsArlo at Ming TombsAfter the Ming Tombs we went to the Sacred Way. Again, the educational part:Sacred Way - informationAnd the pictures
Ming Tombs - Sacred WayMing Tombs - Sacred WayMing Tombs - Sacred WayMing Tombs - Sacred Way
Ming Tombs - Sacred Way


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