The Forbidden City and Tian’anmen Square

A day FULL of walking – what idiot decides to go to these major tourist attractions when all of China is on holiday? Still, we joined the throngs and only got fed up a couple of times, though we certainly didn’t see all there was to see.

Tanya and Arlo overlooking the Forbidden City. The hill we are standing on is man-made – created when they dug the moat surrounding the Forbidden City below it.Tanya and ArloSome building in the Forbidden City. Called the Forbidden City because regular people (not royalty) were forbidden to enter it.
Forbidden CitySome other building in the Forbidden City. Ok, lets just establish that I have no idea what any of the buildings are in this place. Some were big, some were small, some had intricate designs on them, others were plain. I may have missed out on the complete experience by cruising through so ignorantly, but it was hot and crowded and, well, enough with the excuses…
Forbidden CityRoofs in the Forbidden City.
Forbidden CityGeoff and Arlo, chilling out in a corner of the Forbidden City that was devoid of other people. A rare find indeed!!
Geoff and ArloArlo, freshly fed and changed, chilling out in peace. On the other side of that wall on the left were hundreds of people.
Arlo at Forbidden CityOne of the many red and gold doors leading into the Forbidden City.
Forbidden CityInternal walls in the Forbidden City.
Forbidden CityGeoff and Tanya standing in front of Chairman Mao’s picture at Tian’anmen Square, with thousands of other people.
Geoff and Tanya - and Chairman MaoSoldiers, lining up, ready to do their thing in Tian’anmen Square.
Soldiers at Tian'anmen SquareLooking stern in Tian’anmen Square. Actually, he had been asked a question and he was just pondering the answer.
On watch at Tian'anmen Square


6 thoughts on “The Forbidden City and Tian’anmen Square

  1. Great photos. Love the new hairstyle… has been cut, hasn’t it?

    Can’t blame you for not knowing the names of every building….just enjoy them anyway.

    • Yes, had a haircut a couple of weeks ago. Needed to get it done over two nights since I learned that a haircut in China takes 4 hours!! Not good when you have a baby that needs to be fed – and put to bed!

    • Some of the pictures were a little blurry and we told her off about that, but overall, she’s pretty good with the photography. She’s nagging us for her own camera but we think she needs to improve first.

  2. Love that photo of you and Arlo, and the 2 in the beanie….so cute! Shannon knits adorable beanies 🙂
    I’m enjoying the photos of your travels and daily life in China. Fascinating. Thanks for sharing them.

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