A rainy day in this part of China didn’t stop us from visiting another water village, Nanxun, about 1.5 hours away.

The main canal:The canal - Nanxun



Silk – metres and metres of it:

A fisherman and his fishing cormorants:
A fisherman with his cormorants

A cormorant taking a break:

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Door knocker thingy:
Door knocker

Waiting for tourists – or for the day to end:Bored

Lotus plants on a lagoon:Lotus plants


And what many of you are here for – Arlo pictures:
Don't mess with Arlo!!
Arlo giggles


13 thoughts on “Nanxun

    • Am not sure where cool stops and cold begins – I expect we’ve got a few more weeks before I’m cursing the weather. But either way, the beanie, which Shannon knitted for Arlo, is very necessary when you’ve got that amount of hair πŸ˜‰

    • The beanie was a real hit. We need to make sure it doesn’t slip down over her eyes, but she doesn’t fight when we put it on her (actually, she doesn’t even care when we put sunglasses on her – maybe because she hasn’t realised yet that she can actually take them off), and it looks so good on her. The timing couldn’t have been better either – it’s gone from summer to winter in about a week! Thanks again πŸ˜‰

  1. Love your photos of Arlo and we are enjoying following your travels through China. There are some beautiful places around you.

  2. Just caught up with the last FOUR posts (I have been a very baaaad blog reader) and now I miss you and want to come to China.

  3. Shannon really does knit the BEST beanies….that one is gorgeous. Of course, the head inside it is pretty gorgeous too.

    Thanks for the photos of your visits….can never get too many and never tire of them.

    Enjoy the ‘intermediate’ weather while you can, as I’m sure you are anyway.

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