The Old Town

This is by far my favourite part of Suzhou. These streets are 2500 years old, compared with 15 years old where we live. The main streets are madness whenever we’ve been there – here is where you realise that road rules in China were made to be ignored. It’s noisy and smelly and confusing and wonderful – for a short time.

Bamboo scaffolding

Scaffolding - Suzhou Old Town

Walking street – a mix of old and new

Walking Street, Suzhou Old Town

The Kappa store – where sales assistants hound you from the moment you enter to the moment you leave. And their mannequins are real people.

Live mannequins! Kappa store, Suzhou

Five minutes walk away you’re in another place entirely.

Along this canal, in the space of five minutes, we saw this lady washing the dishes, another throwing some kind of liquid into the canal, and two men about to urinate in it – until they saw us approaching. Not a place to go swimming!!

Suzhou Old Town - canal

More tranquil scenery – though just as dirty.

Suzhou Old Town - canal
Suzhou Old Town - canal
Boating on the canal

Stopping at a teahouse after a long day wandering the streets.

Having a drink at a teahouse by a canal in the Old Town

Geoff had a mediocre percolated coffee and I had a warm coke. I suppose when you go to a teahouse you really should have tea. Arlo was the only one satisfied with her drink.
Having adrink at a teahouse by a canal in the Old Town


One thought on “The Old Town

  1. Her drink was warm and obviously percolated to the right degree.

    Such fascinating photos, especially when you can compare the two different building times – the very old and the quite new. It’s good to be able to observe without having to actually experience living in the old part, at least not for long.

    Canals signs are needed ….. Swim at Your Own Risk!

    Thank you for the photos…..we’re loving them all.

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