Chinese takeaway

Sometimes you get lucky with what you order, sometimes you don’t. Maybe things get lost in translation. Last week I ordered some food to be delivered. The dumplings as an entree were great. The chicken with peanuts and chilli, not so good:

When we actually did find some chicken amongst all that chilli, it was deep fried to the point where it had no flavour, and the bones on the popcorn-sized morsels were an added inconvenience.

At least the asparagus and rice were delicious.

I think I am on a fast track to vegetarianism – if it wasn’t for those dumplings…


9 thoughts on “Chinese takeaway

    • Actually, it was two tubs – I tried to scoop out the chilli and leave the chicken behind, but it was a futile exercise – I’d still be sorting it all now. Tofu is really good and we should order it more than we do. Often it’s in another dish as a happy extra.

  1. Have you found out what is in the dumplings? The answer may change your mind about becoming a vegetarian, or on the other hand, hasten its onset markedly.

    Please may I have the asparagus and rice, but hold the chilli?

    • The dumplings are usually minced pork and either vegetables (usually spinach) and/or tofu. Haven’t had any that were undefinable yet. And they’re always good.

      The vegetarianism is considered when I look at a menu and it is full of ox tongue, tripe (though they’re not shy – it will be called sheep stomach), goose or ducks blood and deep-fried bullfrog, to name a few. Oh, and the pictures of whole pigeons (and I mean whole) and turtle soup aren’t particularly appetising.

    • That’s basically what it was. We realised afterwards that we’ve ordered from this place twice, and we’ve had two bad meals from there. I think I need to keep a list of what I order from where and rate it out of ten so we don’t repeat our mistakes. Though when a dish costs about $5, we can live with such mistakes.

  2. I’m with tracey-where is the chicken?? I can v much recommend vegetarianism when travelling 🙂 Definately the safest way to go. The asparagus looks so good though, particularly for take away.

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