We went to the Old Town on the weekend and wandered into a bookstore, mainly because it said ‘Suzhou Books’ in English, so we figured there might be some English language books in there. We were wrong. Then Geoff thought there might be some picture books there for Arlo. Much as she loves Mem Fox, we’re getting a bit tired of her. Eventually, tucked away in a back corner, we found these, for not much more than a dollar each. Yes, they’re in Chinese, but they’re in English as well. And Pinyin, so if we ever manage to get our pronunciation right, we could read the books in Chinese to Arlo.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but wouldn’t a fawn’s dad be a stag??

A handy tip: one must always look for the poisonless mushroom…

At the end of each book is a recap of the words used through the book – in Chinese characters, Pinyin and English.

And best of all, Arlo LOVES these books! Look at the arms and legs pumping away.

There are 16 books in the series and we only bought 4. I think we may be headed back to the Old Town for more books soon!!

8 thoughts on “Books

  1. Actually, the opposite of ‘doe’ is usually ‘buck’. ‘Stag’ and ‘Hind’ (female) usually refer to the larger varieties of deer – not sure if their young are called fawns or not. (Yes, I cheated, I checked the internet because I didn’t think that stag went with doe.)

    Very colourful books and I bet Arlo doesn’t care what language they’re in.

    Oh, those mushrooms …… DO please be careful….lol.

  2. Actually, she was the most enthralled when I just held the book in front of her and didn’t read a thing. She’s clearly moved on from being stimulated by contrasting colours (black and white) to loving bright colours.

    Buck, stag – both are better than ‘male deer’.

  3. Arlo is getting so big. Glad to see she is learning valuable life lessons…. like poisonless mushrooms.

    Looks like you guys have been having an amazing adventure.

    It is nice to see how you are doing, the photos have been great.

    • Thanks, Sharon. The lessons here are endless – Chinglish is everywhere and always hilarious.

      Great photos of you and Paige, BTW! We’ll have to do similar soon.

    • There’s stacks of books in the shipping. Along with clothes that will fit Arlo now. NOW! (A call to the shipping gods there – she’ll be too big for it all – clothes, books and toys – by the time it all arrives). Maybe we do need a care package…

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