Notice much difference below?

I should document how she has changed more than I do. She smiles all the time now, particularly right before she gets mad because she’s so tired. Her moods change in a second – is that typical of a Gemini? She’s becoming a chatterbox and especially loves talking to the dog that Narelle gave her and the lion Melissa gave her. Her favourite book is Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes (yes, she does have a preference), so it gets read to her a lot, along with Where is the Green Sheep. OK, admittedly those are the only books she has here – many more will arrive in our shipping – whenever that may be! She’s losing hair at the back of her head now, but she still resembles Chairman Mao. She has impossibly long eyelashes that everyone comments on (no longer does anyone pay attention to her long fingers). She’s discovering that she has feet, and grabs at her toes when I ask where they are. She’s almost completely out of 0000 clothes and newborn sized nappies. She’s getting fat rolls on her arms and legs and dimples in her elbows. Her eyes are changing from blue to brown, but they’re taking their time: some days they’re still blue, other days they’re hazel. She was well over 5kg at her last doctors visit a couple of weeks ago, where she got vaccinations in both thighs, plus an oral dose of the polio vaccine. She has to go back for vaccinations every month until Christmas. I’m adoring this new stage in her life – not that I didn’t adore her newborn stage – and am seeing the world through new eyes with her. When she spends five minutes examining a leaf, I look at the leaf to see what is so intriguing. I’m looking forward to everything she will teach me about the world.


9 thoughts on “Growth

  1. Before you know it, you’ll wake up with a walking, talking toddler on your hands! Enjoy this stage – I personally think each stage just gets more & more interesting, and better!
    Better get started on making her another quilt, before she out grows this one πŸ™‚

  2. Yes I think she needs a new quilt too. If a certain busy Mum doesn’t have time I know a keen “great Auntie” !!! You will have to feed her a smaller piece of steak she is growing too fast – just gorgeous.

    • Serious? I’ve got a list of quilt a mile long I have to make (if my sewing machine ever arrives) so I don’t know when I’d get the time to make another for Arlo… and the said great auntie makes such fabulous quilts, but I could never ask…. πŸ˜‰

  3. If she keeps going at this rate, you’ll be enrolling her in Geoff’s class at school before the year is out !!!

    All these changes reinforce how much we miss you all and especially being able to watch Arlo growing and changing so quickly. However, we’re very grateful for the videos Geoff sends so that we can see everyday that she is truly a most beautiful little baby, doing all the right things and making her parents feel truly blessed, as they certainly are.

    You’re right about those eyes and eyelashes ….. wow ….. and everything else too.

  4. Tanya – you said that you are seeing the world in a new way, through Arlo’s eyes, and that reminded me of the lyrics of this Barbara Striesand song. I hope you like them as much as I do.

    Jenny Rebecca, four days old
    How do you like the world so far
    Jenny Rebecca, four days old
    What a lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky girl you are

    For you have swings to be swung on
    Trees to be climbed up
    Days to be young on
    Toys you can wind up
    Grass to be lying on
    Sun up above
    Pillows for crying on
    When you’re in love
    Ponies for riding on
    Wind in your hair
    Slides to be sliding on
    Leaves in the air
    Dolls to be caring for
    Love to be giving
    Dreams to be daring for
    Long as you’re living
    Yes, you have dreams to be daring for
    Long as you’re living

    Jenny Rebecca, four days old
    What a lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky girl you are

    • Very apt. We’ve been playing a lot of Renee and Jeremy (often the music on Geoff’s videos) which has a similar theme – always brings a nostalgic tear to the eye – we’re such pathetic, soppy parents πŸ™‚

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