Welcome to China

Some differences we’ve noticed in food – easing you in to this type of stuff. Today is the funny (for want of a better word) stuff. In a future post I’ll present the not-quite-as-funny stuff – but still very different to what we’re used to (read: gross).

So you’ve seen this one before – the salt water ice block:
Salt water ice block

But then there’s this (apologies for the blurriness) – salt soda water:
Salt soda water

Then we have chips in all sorts of flavours – here are two we were willing to try. Both were binned after we had sampled them. You can’t mix sweet and savoury in chips:
Ice tea potato chips
Blueberry potato chips

Lastly, Geoff bought an organic chicken to cook up. Until now, the words ‘organic chicken’ indicated to me a healthy bird that would be tasty when cooked up, so the increased flavour and overall joy of eating the food would be worth the additional expense. Behold:
Chicken for dinner
This scrawny lump of flesh and bone (and head and feet) looks like an old woman and I imagine the taste isn’t far off. It was like eating rubber. A very small meal of rubber. When Geoff served up dinner I asked if I could have a breast piece. “You do have a breast piece,” he replied. I should have taken a picture of it, but I’m sure you can imagine the size of it. There really is something to be said for pumping chickens full of hormones…


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