Before Arlo was born I expected her arrival would mean unthinkable sleep deprivation, witching hours, and physical and emotional torture for me. Luckily, I escaped all that. Arlo has always been an easy baby, especially given all we’ve put her through in her first couple of months. But then…

I started to notice the signs when we were in Brisbane when Arlo was four weeks old. It started with her getting fussy at the end of a feed. When she’s tired now, she fights sleep. And I mean FIGHTS. She gets angry at the fact that she can’t keep her eyes open. Sometimes her eyes will be so red and it’s such an effort for her to force her eyes to stay open, but force them she will. It’s almost comical. I’ve told her over and over that if she just let herself sleep, we’d all be happier. Usually the only way she’ll nod off is if someone is rocking her, patting her back, staying on dummy watch – and all while standing. Getting Miss Arlo to sleep is not something you’re allowed to do sitting down. Gone are the days when she’d curl up into my chest and sleep on her arms for hours.

If I do that now, it’s less than a minute before she’s standing on my legs, throwing her head back and growling her discontent.

All day, Arlo is very much a cat-napper. And it sucks. It’s rare for her to sleep for more than an hour at a time – and I need her to sleep because I need a break every now and then. Any suggestions?

But nights are different. Once she’s asleep for the evening, she’ll stay asleep all night. Well, she wakes once or twice for a feed, but that usually lasts less than ten minutes, then she’s right back to sleep. Yes, nights are fabulous, and I do appreciate how lucky we are. Because after a good sleep, we now get loads of these:


5 thoughts on “Sleeeeeeeep!!

  1. The smile makes it worth it!!
    I am mother of a former world Champion fight-the-sleep-er. I eventually got worn out from all the rocking, patting, bouncing by the time she was around 12 weeks so let her scream in bed – which was also almost comical, because she would lie there and not move a muscle except her mouth (ask Shell!), and then pass out after 10 minutes, and sleep for 12 hours. (That lasted until just a few months ago). She was also a chronic cat-napper, which is exhausting, but once she was around 6 months old, she fell into an afternoon nap pattern, which she still has 12 months later.
    So…. in the long run I guess she figured it out herself! There was not a terrible lot I could do, and I am now the mother of a world Champion night-time-sleeper and afternoon-napper πŸ™‚
    Hugs to all x

  2. For those smiles – how could you wish her asleep??

    Yes I vouch for Evie – screaming away but still all snug and swaddled – gorgeous.

    That is the hardest thing – the whole sleep thing. You will work it out and so will Arlo but it will take time. In the mean time – enjoy the nights!!!!!

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