Jinji Lake

This lake is about a 20 minute walk from our apartment (depending on how long it takes to cross the road). This was one of the smoggiest days we’ve experienced so far. But as the weather cools I can see us spending a lot more time down here.


3 thoughts on “Jinji Lake

  1. The steps into the water would suggest that the lake is used for swimming, rather like at Cairns. Is that right? How clean was the water? Possibly cleaner than the air on that particular day.

    It looks like you have some lovely places to spend leisure time. So thanks for the photos.

    Do you think you could put Geoff on photo-duty sometime? Not that there’s anything wrong with your photos, Tanya, but we would like to see you occasionally…..lol. I know it will be difficult to prise Arlo out of Geoff’s arms, but ………

    Love to all.

    • Don’t worry, Flo, you will see her sometime, somewhere in the world!!

      She’s not so little anymore – over 5kg, smiling and cooing all the time now – except when she’s screaming! She has quite the lungs on her 😉

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