The Humble Administrator’s Garden

Our second full day in China we went to one of the gardens Suzhou is famous for – The Humble Administrator’s Garden, supposed to be the biggest and most impressive.

Before we went we got a coffee from the local coffee shop near our apartment. This was my cappuccino before I had taken a sip. I think we may have to stick to Starbucks…

It was a HOT day. Geoff bought a fan so we could at least try to keep Arlo cool.

Garden prettiness

Did I mention it was hot? Here’s Arlo and me melting.

More fanning following a nappy change for Arlo.

Red faced and sweating.

Geoff decided to cool us down – by buying a SALT WATER ice-block!! Admittedly, he assumed it was lemonade. It wasn’t refreshing. We didn’t finish it.


A canal in the old town near the gardens.

Back at home. What a difference a bit of air conditioning makes!! Note mum’s superior swaddling skillz!


10 thoughts on “The Humble Administrator’s Garden

  1. It’s hard to imagine that there is so much greenery there despite the heat. That’s something we miss so much here in Canberra when it’s hot….it all look much worse because everything is so dry then. Still, I don’t think we get it as hot here as you are experiencing now. It must be pretty hot if you North Queenslanders are feeling it so much.

    I’m sure your main concern is keeping Arlo cool and she certainly looked much more relaxed back home. Does it cool down enough in the evenings to go for a walk? What time does it get dark?

    Thank you so much for these photos and any info about your new home…..we can never get enough. Continue to enjoy every day, and we will vicariously live it with you.

    Cool hugs to all.

    Were the salt-water ice blocks meant to compensate for lost body salt due to sweating?

    • If they didn’t water everything constantly it would be pretty brown, despite the brief afternoon showers (that admittedly have only occurred once or twice since we’ve been here). We’re just struggling because we came from winter straight into high summer – there was no gradual adjusting, particularly for Arlo. It’s not cool enough yet for evening strolls, but I think in a week or two we’ll be able to get out for walks to the lake or even just an ice-cream (not salt water). It gets dark around 7.00 – and gets dark rapidly. Thankfully, there is neon on almost every building to light our way.

    • I don’t know what I was thinking – I’m not a coffee addict, so why was I drinking bad coffee on a stinking hot day?? Something I’ll just do in air-conditioning for a while, I think.

      I’ll keep an eye out for other ice-block flavours – I wonder if they’ll sound as weird as the chip flavours.

  2. Wow it looks quite amazing. Can’t wait to Explore with the girls.

    Poor little Arlo she looks so hot, hope she is manging ok! Maybe winter not such a crazy idea for a visit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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