Truth be told…

No belly pics or any others right now because my camera cable is hiding somewhere – and the new one I’ve ordered off eBay is somewhere between Hong Kong and Queensland…! But – I can say now that the reason we went on our little holiday was for our wedding!!

Baby is due in 12 days. I’m not sick of being up the duff, but if it wants to come any time now, we’d be more than thrilled. We’ve got everything ready – seat in the car, bed set up, clothes washed and quilts finished. All we need is a baby to complete the picture.


10 thoughts on “Truth be told…

  1. Great pics of baby bump and poolside (if you think that’s a big bump I was visiting a friend’s daughter today who is expecting twins in 7 weeks man what a bump there. Good luck Tanya will be thinking of you. HUGS

    • Everyone keeps reminding me how small I am. One lady today even said she was my size when she had 2 months to go. I’m grateful I’m so small – getting out of bed is hard enough at this size. And twins? No thanks – one will do me just fine, I think.

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