Lately I’ve….

Taken a holiday up north – to Mossman and Cape Tribulation

Hanging out in the pool at our resort near Mossman

Windblown on the beach at Cape Tribulation

Cassowary papa and two of his three babies

Taken a holiday down south – to Brisbane and the Gold Coast (well, the Gold Coast was just to go to Seaworld for the day)

I had to lie to get on the log flume. “No, I’m not pregnant, I just ate a big breakfast.”

Bullshark. I said bullshark!! And really, it might be a tiger shark. I can’t tell from here.

My gorgeous family


Had beautiful baby gifts presented to me – this is the latest, made by the oh so clever Kirsty – with help from Tracey’s mum (I think) who managed to decipher the American pattern

And I got up before the crack of dawn on the 25th of April – ANZAC day

Sunrise over the marina at Townsville

The ANZAC Day parade through Townsville

I’ve been doing lots of other stuff – but news of that will all have to wait.

I have just five weeks to go before B-day (that’s baby day, and it’s 5 weeks give or take, what, a month???). All is going great so far (fingers crossed it stays that way). I’ll curse you with a belly pic one of these days – now that I actually have a belly that looks pregnant…!!

8 thoughts on “Lately I’ve….

    Nah…. that is just SO YOU.
    No real surprise you surprising and soulful girl !!!
    Congratulations… LOVE LOVE LOVE the postcard!!!
    So happy for you and Geoff.
    So SO SOS SO happy for you.
    Love you

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