Tropical Cyclone Ului

We’re on watch…

If baby is a boy I want to name it Ului. What a cool name. Geoff vetoed it, saying people would call it Louie. You wouldn’t, would you?


11 thoughts on “Tropical Cyclone Ului

  1. I like the name too – but totally agree with Tracey!
    I am not sure on the spelling though.

    anyway you wouldn’t publish a favourite name on your blog …..just because of the comments that may surface!!

  2. Obviously you’ll choose whatever name you want for baby – as you should. Just bear in mind though that if it’s an unusual spelling, the child will spend its entire life telling people how to spell it………as I’m sure you, your sister and I know only too well. Doesn’t really leave much room for creativity, does it?….lol.

  3. Names are so personal, I am sure you will decide when the time is right.
    My grandson is so interested in weather & was wishing he could be up there to witness Ului. I told him it would not be fun!

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