Ready to cook!!

Take a look at what I got….

img_2851A new shiny, sparkly stove.  I’d have preferred something fancier (like gas) but since I rent, I had to take what I could get.  But more exciting than the stove was the opportunity to get in behind there and clean.  Oh my God, the filth down there.  Built up of many, many years.  Surprisingly, there were no dead animals – not even a cockroach.  But there was enough built up grease and dust to stuff a small cushion (if one was so inclined, I suppose).  So I got in there and scrubbed the floor and the walls while the delivery/installation people (yep, two people, one for each job!!) waited.  Cleaning has never been so satisfying.  Or so revolting – just knowing that I was cleaning previous tenants’ filth.    Three buckets of hot water, half a tub of Gumption and a few squirts of floor cleaner later, and you could have eaten off there.  But the guys wanted to put the new stove in place so I decided not to.

Now… what to cook for dinner….


4 thoughts on “Ready to cook!!

  1. Go you! Our oven died a few weeks ago, and, after several ill fated attempts to replace the element, I have finally convinced hubby that a new oven would be easier. No installation date yet, though, so I have to keep watching my shiny new mixmaster and not getting to eat cake.

  2. Emma, I am with you. However, my hubby has continued to mend and renew parts in our oven. We have been married 42 years, and have had the same one all our married life!!

    I thought I had a breakthrough, when he found he could not find the parts for the rotisserie in the eye level grill. But he still cannot bring himself to throw it out and buy a new one.

    I suppose I should be glad he hangs on to old things, including me haha.

    Congratulations Tanya, and on the cleaning too!

  3. We can pull our stove out to clean behind & under. It is not a favourite chore, but we do it.
    I would have loved a fancy up market stove too,but ours looks very similar to yours.
    Laughing at Val. We have been married 43 years so ditto.

  4. Nothing like a new stove!!! Ours was down to one element only before we lashed out.

    We searched high and low for one that was as big as we could fit without renovating the kitchen – the last was a small one allowing such filth.

    Alas, when we installed we found we could not put it in without some destruction of a neighbouring bench – and two years later, the door is STILL not back on the cupboard there.

    Still, I get to see where the filth is!!

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