Back in the north

Had a fabulous time and am shattered.  Below, some of the things I saw and did…

The coastline at Blairgowrie, Mornington Peninsula

Blairgowrie, Mornington Peninsula

Sunrise at Blairgowrie

Blairgowrie at sunrise

Under the pier at Rye, Mornington Peninsula

Under the jetty - Rye

Worm casings and shellfish

Under the jetty - Rye


Finches on Mornington Peninsula

Ella, Siobhan, Tanya, Annie, Rita (all family) and the quilt we made

Family crafters

The back of the quilt

Family crafters

My aunts and uncle: Rita and Annette (and Lorna hidden) presenting the quilt to Edna and Geoff at their joint 70th birthday gathering, Drouin, Victoria

Presenting the quilt to Geoff and Edna


7 thoughts on “Back in the north

  1. Tanya, I love the family photos! There’s a strong family resemblance between all you ladies.
    Too bad your mum and dad didn’t make it down.
    The quilt is absolutely beautiful. Such a wonderful combination of colours.
    As for the other photos….all postcard worthy! I especially love the ‘under the pier’ one. Lovely, all. Thanks for sharing them.
    Whose birthday was it? Both Geoffrey and Edna’s?

  2. Thanks for the photos, Tanya. I love any photos that contain water, and the pier one is so full of character. Rye, another place where we once planned to live…….oh well.

    I spoke to Geoffrey and Edna last night and they were so thrilled with their day, everyone who was there, and especially the quilt, which was a fantastic surprise.

    Glad you were there and able to catch up with rellies, especially cousins.

    Yes, Kerri, G&E both turned 70 – birthdays two weeks apart.

  3. Hi honey… We are doing much better now though it is still hard to bear when we talk to family about it all. Just when I think the pain is easing… I talk to my nephew or Dad… and it starts all over again. We’ll be okay! Time is a natural healer of all wounds.
    I adore the quilt… very pretty! I am starting one tomorrow… just can’t decide if I want traditional or funky.
    I am in love with those nature photos. I should send you some of mine… though yours are much better.
    Your ‘donation’ post was beautiful. Everyone wants to help in some way or another. Everything helps… whether it be food, money, clothes, toys or furniture. It all helps.
    Love to you.. Nic xox

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