Koala cuteness

I was sent an email today about a little Aussie who searched for, and found,  relief from the heatwave in the southern states.






Koalas aren’t really fans of water, and rarely drink the stuff – they usually get all the fluid they need from eucalyptus leaves (I know this because I used to work in an animal park – in my youth).  But then, 45°C will encourage even the most hydrophobic of animals to try to cool down.  Thanks to whoever took these pictures and made my morning.

In other news, the rain, which as been constant, is now making an entrance through my sewing room and my spare room.  The river across the road is high – but I don’t think it will break the bank on my side – as it’s already broken the bank on the other side and all the floodwater can head south, as far as I’m concerned (I’m on the north side, the river flows east).  The ducks are still loving the puddles.  I had to take massive detours to get to work today because of flooded roads (pictures to come).  I lasted two hours at work before deciding that I had more important things to do (though Oprah is pissing me off at the moment and Dr Phil didn’t have much that was interseting to say.  The Arabic soap opera, however, is enthralling).


5 thoughts on “Koala cuteness

  1. I got that email too… and forwarded to Nath (and his Dad/sister who are in SA)…

    How cute is that!

    Maybe you should come down to Canberra to get away from the floods for a while… I mean as enthralling as Arabic soap opera is sure to be… I promise to me more so!

    Or bribe you with food… you know, come over for a cuppa and some scones with tonnes of jam and cream.


  2. I love the photos and foresee them on tee shirts…

    hot rain is not the best rain but it is still better then no rain which is what we are in the middle of. Should be our rainy season but alas we seem to be having trouble even getting humidity here. Very strange for us not to have humidity.

    the quilt is wonderful beauty. i love the texture look of it

  3. I meant to comment on these pics before, but forgot. They are so great, and that little koala is the cutest! Poor little creatures. I’ve seen quite a few pics of people giving birds and animals water. It’s not only the humans suffering. Thank goodness for compassion and helping hands…for both people and animals.
    I hope the flood waters are receding by now.

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