This evening we had a power outage.  It extended from Cairns in the north to the Burdekin in the south, and out west to Richmond (it couldn’t really extend east because the Great Barrier Reef doesn’t really need electricity).

Do you have any idea how much of Australia was out of power during this time??

I don’t either, but I’m sure it was a lot!!


7 thoughts on “Unplugged

  1. We lost power for 20 minutes in Canberra….do you think it extended that far? Perhaps not. I guess that was a result of the ‘mini cyclone’ we experienced…..very spectacular from Shelly’s place.

  2. I guess all those air-cons finally drained the grid. Bit like heaters do here… oh wait, no, they INSULATE over here! But then, they do use all the power to light up the hundreds of km’s of motorway.

  3. lol Tanya – I am related to someone who used to work in the industry and he once lost North Queensland – apparently it is the cotton reel and bits of string in the network up there that can make it a tad unstable – what with the weather also.

    The night he lost North Queensland he didn’t get to watch one video (the time filler for waiting for the power grids to misfire) or eat his dinner, it was that serious!!

  4. It is frightening how much we rely on electricity. Cannot imagine life without it.
    I do have my grandmother’s old Treadle, so I could still sew, at least.

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