Being quilted

When I found out about Jo’s wedding, these charm squares called out to me and said they belonged to her.

Charm squares

Which was a bit disappointing really, because I love these fabrics.

Quilt top
I’m not really thrilled with the brown strips, but I was struggling to find matching fabric.

Right now, Tracey is using her quilting prowess to make this look extra special.

I hope Jo doesn’t read this blog, otherwise I’ll have ruined the surprise….


7 thoughts on “Being quilted

  1. Very nice job Tanya, I can’t even think about sewing at the moment – nappy brain….

    When are you going to catch up with this baby??

  2. I think the brown makes the quilt look cosy and warm – a welcome attribute where Jo is going.

    The charm squares are lovely, and of course you like them……does one buy patchwork fabric that one doesn’t like?

    But I know what you mean………it’s a bit like the way I buy postcards when I’m away but don’t send them because I like them.

  3. Hey… you know me and our 3 kidlets will be up in October… will email you the dates once we confirm them 🙂

    #3 will only be about 3 months old… exciting hey!

    Love you, miss you… hug you!

  4. I love the colours, & think the brown is perfect. I am sure it is just brilliant with Tracey’s quilting as a finishing touch.
    I laughed at Alice, she is so right!

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