One of my closest friends in the whole wide world is leaving town.  I am so sad.  We know each other’s deepest, darkest secrets.  I can call her about anything at any time and say, “Help!”

And she will.

I was there for the most monumental event of her life – the birth of her son.

And now she’s leaving.

She’s not just moving to another town – she’s moving to another country! On the other side of the planet!!  Did I mention I’m sad?

In order for her and her partner to be able to move, they have to get married!  She has no family in this country.  So guess who gets to give her away!!

How many women can say they’ve been ‘father of the bride’?  Hope I don’t have to pay for the wedding.

This weekend I begin making her wedding present.  She’ll love it.  I’ll love it.

But I’m still sad.

I see a trip to Colorado in my future.  With possible side trips to visit other friends in Houston, Vancouver and, what the hell, Cuba!!

Definitely Cuba.

With my friend.



5 thoughts on “sad

  1. The world is not as large as it once was – I am sure your friend will have you wherever she is.

    Another blogger I read did the marry for living in another country last year – after many years “engaged”.

  2. That is so cool of you, and such a sweet idea.
    Everybody is coming to America.
    remember that old Neil Diamond song, I think it was Neil.

    Holla when ya get here. Yes early November (first weekend) is the best. The international Quilt Festival is at the G R Brown-Awesome!

  3. oh sad! Cuba – Wow – you will love it. All those cigars and all!

    When is the wedding?

    That is so sweet about you getting to give her away – real friendship like that is very special!

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