The power is back on in my house so I can post pictures of tonight’s storm.  I must say, it was more fun watching it from my front verandah than through the windscreen on my way home…



I have a heap more, but to save mind numbing boredom (and the fact that these were about the best of the bunch) I’ll leave the pictures at two.

This lightening was striking Mount Stuart.  Funnily enough, you can’t predict where lightening is going to strike (who’d have thought) and it actually struck in the opposite direction more often than it struck the highest mountain in the vicinity.  This left me with a heap of pictures of nothing, as I had to take a chance on where the strikes would be.  Stupid weather.


5 thoughts on “Electricity

  1. I was in my lab at the time…holding my breath and counting…and wishing that I had brought my camera to capture the magnificent lightning show.

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