Weekend review

Full moon drum circle on Friday.


Burst pipe and subsequent flooding in my house on Saturday.


Water running through the floor to under the house.  Saturday was so hot I considered asking the real estate agent to ask the owner about installing a swimming pool.  Not half an hour later I got a shower downstairs instead.  Jinxed myself??


Waiting for the ferry to arrive from Magnetic Island on Sunday


Selling my soul wares at the market on Sunday morning.  Or trying to.  Maybe next week will be better…



4 thoughts on “Weekend review

  1. I know the feeling of starting the day with such high hopes – you just know that half the population of the world has set their alarm so they can arrive early at the markets and be happy to pay top price for the very thing you have on your stall as they have been waiting for it for months.

    Alas, they all seem to contract a case of shortsightedness, and fail to see the wonders so close at hand, or else they left their money home, hubby wants to look at tools, and the kids want ice-cream, toys and the toilet – in any order.

    You’ve certainly been busy, so better luck next time, dear.

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