It’s official

I didn’t get the job.  However, I was recommended for the job.

I KNOW – government makes no sense!!

Being recommended for the job means that if a similar job shows up anywhere in the state within the next year, I am allowed to walk into it without an interview.

I KNOW – government makes no sense!!

Of course, I have to want the job.  And whoever is offering the job has to want me.

To be honest, I just want the money.

Another unrelated picture.


6 thoughts on “It’s official

  1. What’s that green stuff on the croc? It’s like he has grass rabies. Ewwww!

    Sorry to hear that you missed out on fists full of cash. Hopefully more cash will come along soon… cos when we get down to the nitty gritty… all we need is cash! Well, all I need is cash.. and I’ve seen your shopping sprees, so I reckon you need it too.

    xox Nic

  2. Oh you gotta love the beauty of bureaucracy!!

    Thanks for popping by my blog today – so nice to see purple giraffe’s wandering through Paradise.

    My paradise is a fair bit South of yours, but still to the north of the great bureacracy Paradise 🙂

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