Getting baggy

It all began some years ago with my sister making me these:

Then recently, my aunt made me this:

And then sent me this:

Then a friend had a birthday I couldn’t attend, so I made her this:

And another friend saw that and heavily hinted that it was her birthday the following week.  And because she’s such a close friend, I made the bag to her specifications and included a little matching purse (had never made one of these before).  I also gave her a gift voucher to my favourite Townsville bookstore, Mary Who?

And after that I was blown away by how quick and easy these things are.  So I made this for another friend (because honestly, I wasn’t overly keen on the fabric but knew she’d adore it):

And then I thought it was time I made something for myself.  So – shopping bags:

They’re much classier than ugly green supermarket bags, and could be used for knitting or some such as well.  Am so excited that these are so quick and easy to make.


9 thoughts on “Getting baggy

  1. Awesome. Did your Aunt make the second bag too? I love the idea of making your own shopping bags. It ads to the green/recycling idea. You’ll be selling them at the markets next. xox

  2. Well, I never! In all my wildest dreams I never …….. never thought that one day this darling daughter would be turning out such wonderful creations, seemingly effortlessly.

    I may have to visit and sneak that second last one home with me. I love that one – it’s beeaauutiful!

    Very impressed with Aunty R’s bag, too, and all of the ones you’ve made for pressies.

    Oh, I taught you well…….. trouble is, I didn’t!…lol.

  3. groovy bags, love the photos of the shirt in the wind and the vibrant flowers. there is this guy in a class we are taking and he if from your country. I bet you two are cousins.
    That is supposed to be a joke, so go ahead and laugh. Ah come on at least chuckle a bit.

  4. Thank you so much, Tanya! You are such a beautiful friend. It was the best birthday present! I love my new bag and purse, not to mention the sweet pleasure of contemplating what treasure to get from my favourite bookstore! I haven’t visited blog land for a while…it is so nice catching up on your stories and sewing endeavours (love them) and lovely photos. See you soon:)

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