Old Red Barn Co strikes again

I’m not much of a fan of music on people’s blogs.  Especially when their taste is not my taste.  Sure, they can defend themselves by saying, “you can always turn the volume down on the computer.”  The people who most often say this seem to be the ones who have the music controls on their blog in some obscure place where you can’t pause the music*.  And why should I be the one to adjust my volume control (you’d understand my angst if you had to use my computer that takes an hour to do anything)?  However, there is an exception to my anti-music rule, and that is The Old Red Barn Co.  Dana just chooses the best music.  I’ve even had her blog opened in a background window, just so I can hear the music that she has chosen.  And if you don’t like a song (which, for me, is never) the playlist – and pause button – is in an obvious place.  If you want to annoy someone with music, take some tips from Dana and annoy them with music that is good.

Where am I going with this?  Well.  Back when Dana was doing her insane quilt giveaway, the first song in her playlist was Bishop Allen’s ‘Click, click, click, click’.  I had never head of Bishop Allen, but I loved them right away.  On Monday, this arrived in the mail:

Usually, it takes me a few listens to like a song or a cd, but I put this cd on and loved it from the first song to the last.  And do you know what else was cool?  The inside of the cd case and the booklet.  They were so pretty.

*Yes, I put ‘pause’ in there instead of ’stop’, because even though the Village People just got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, I don’t want my blog to be a Village People reference, and now I’ve just gone and ruined all that by talking about them in the first place AND putting a link in there – and even now, I’m not bothering to delete this, I’m just going for the ultimate in rambling, run-on sentencing.


3 thoughts on “Old Red Barn Co strikes again

  1. I have some serious photography envy. Thanks for the link… I’m gonna haunt that blog! Did you see the photo with horse… in a circular like frame? That rocks!
    You are right about the music… love it love it love it. I’m bummed about that necklace.. would have loved to be in that giveaway. Oh well. Brilliant linkage T.
    xox Nic

  2. What a happy little place for me to find today. Thanks Tanya. And, thanks to Tanya’s readers too. How lovely to find people talking about me in such a pleasant way!

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