preliminary results…

Many thanks for all the crossed fingers and good wishes.  However, I don’t think I got the job.  I should explain that it was a job I was encouraged to apply for by my boss.  I didn’t want the job but just applying for it was a strategic career move.  The person who is currently acting in the position also applied so I figured I had no chance of getting it.  All I’ve been told (on the quiet) is that it was extremely close (yay, me), but I was probably pipped at the post.  I’m not upset about it at all – as I said, I didn’t even want the job (just the money).

The interview format was one I had never encountered before.  I was given the list of selection criteria and a scenario.  I was given 45 minutes to prepare a 30 minute presentation on how I would address the scenario, incorporating all of the selection criteria.  After about ten “holy shit” seconds where I resisted the temptation to head to the airport and skip the country, I got right into it and actually had fun!!

And now another unrelated picture.  I have mangoes in my yard!!! Granted, they’re about 2 centimetres long at the moment, but come January I’ll have a tree full of mangoes… I’ll be able to hear the fruit bats fight over them as they take one bite out of a mango then move on to the next one.  Soon afterwards my yard will be filled with the aroma of rotting mangoes.  Just one of the joys of a tropical summer.


7 thoughts on “preliminary results…

  1. Overripe or rotting mangoes would have to be one of the worst smells imaginable.

    Glad you enjoyed the process (applying for the job) even if you didn’t get the result you wanted (more money without promotion…lol)

  2. Make sure that lodger is tall dark and extremely gorgeous to drool over. Let me know if you take my advice and I’ll come visit you… and we shall sip mango daiquiris on the verandah.. big sigh!… whilst the new lodger mows the lawn shirtless. Oh sorry.. got carried away me thinks!
    You should definitely sell those mangoes.. cos it would be a damn shame to see them rotting away… speaking as an avid mango lover. You could put a sign out the front or something.
    xox Nic
    ps. Yes there was tiramisu and caramel tart in the fridge and Monday is a GO GO GO.

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