Box swap

A while ago Cass organised a box swap. The box is well traveled – it’s been to more places in this country than I have. And today it arrived at my place.

I couldn’t wait to open the box. I sat by the beach as I explored all the goodness (alas, without my camera at the time). There were such goodies inside – it was so hard to choose my three. But choose I did.

BUTTONS!!!!! How could I refuse? There was actually another bag of buttons, but I decided not to be too greedy. I also chose some iron-on applique thingys (very, very cute), and a quick yo-yo maker. I’ve never used one of these and still don’t quite ‘get’ the idea, but will have fun trying it out.

Then to put my three in the box. I wondered what would make me squeal if I were the next person to open the box (aside from the goodies I already squealed over)….

….And a bag of scraps was the first thing I thought of. My sister went crazy over my scrap box when she saw it several weeks ago, so I hope someone else will love this bag, too. All the scraps are from something I’ve made, be it a quilt (most likely), dress, pot holder or cushion cover. There’s even scraps from my two Simplicity 3835 tops that are my current sewing love. I also put in a coin purse (that I began using for – yep – buttons, but I have a billion jars for those now!!). And a heap – hmm – a metre or two? – of cute ribbon.

This has been such, such, SUCH fun. I hope the next person loves the box swap as much as I have. Thanks Cass!! CurlyPops, I think you’re next…


4 thoughts on “Box swap

  1. wow how neat…I have not heard of this traveling box…I think it is a great idea though…maybe I might just start a kids one…wouldn’t that be fun for them???

    great idea…I’m so glad you talked about it :o)

    I’m off to visit cass…


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