More sewing – and thrifting

I did say I’d make another shirt, didn’t I? I just love this pattern. This time I made the sleeves a little longer (just by a couple of centimetres) and again, no elastic in the sleeves. I also cut the back on the fold so I didn’t have a seam up the back. Shelly, I’ll send you the pattern soon – once I’ve finished playing with it.

I also went to a handful of garage sales yesterday and picked up these. The dish was free, because it was crazed. And the tablecloth was 50c. Though as I was paying, the lady said that she thought there was a tear in it and I could have it for free. I did protest, but she insisted. What else was I to do (other than actually buy stuff I didn’t want)?  And as it turns out – no tear!!

I also found these. No, not the buttons, but the jars. Yes, they’re only Moccona coffee jars, but they’re perfect for buttons (pre-sorted by my nieces), and it means I don’t have to keep buying Moccona coffee anymore. I do need more buttons, though…


10 thoughts on “More sewing – and thrifting

  1. Well, that takes the cake – not just cheap but FREE!
    I’d love to come garage saling with you some time. I’m the only one at my house who is interested.

  2. So what is the pattern number on that top? Maybe some of us others may want it, mainly because you make it look so cool and make it sound fairly easy to make.
    That dish is pretty I do believe you are a superior shopper as you get to “buy” free stuff-AWESOME!
    I love the jars, because they make the beautiful buttons even more special. The girls did a great job.

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