Quilt giveaway

She’s done it again! Dana, that crazy lady from Old Red Barn Co. is giving away another quilt. It’s stunning. Here’s proof:

Gorgeous, no? You can enter too. She has a heap of different ways to get bonus entries into the draw. I’ve left a comment on her post (1 entry), put a link to her giveaway in my sidebar (5 entries), posted pictures here (5 entries) and made the video below (50 entries) that shows the desperate lengths I will go to to win such amazing goodness (and the unscrupulous way I’ll pawn my nieces and nephew to achieve said goal).

So if I can do it, you can. You’ve got until Tuesday 22nd July, 2008. Best of luck to you all … but I’d really rather I won 😉


7 thoughts on “Quilt giveaway

  1. OH MY STINKIN’ HECK!!!!!! I love this!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for doing it. They are adorable!! You have definitely earned your extra entries! Thanks so much! You’ll be seeing it pop up on my blog soon!

  2. Hey — is there anyway that you can go to YouTube and retitle this so that it pops up with the other when searched? I need it titled “Old Red Barn Co. Giveaway”. 🙂 Please?

  3. Hey is sounds like you maybe should get a couple of extra “entry” points for the U-tube.
    Good luck it certainly looks like a wonderful quilt, very snuggly.

  4. I’d rather you won too lovely!
    How cute are your neices and nephew… oh my!
    Cute as!!!

    Do not forget we are coming up for 9 nights… long weekend in October.

  5. i enjoyed your blog and your video. i was born in and grew up in darwin, and i really wish i could’ve spent more time in your neck of the woods when i came home to visit back in 2005. i do need your help since you are a wordpress blogger…how the heck do you put that little quilt-picture-thingy in the sidebar!!! i’m i.t.challenged!


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