Well, I’ve just been neglecting the blog which, in the scheme of things, is no big deal. I haven’t posted in what seems like ages and I haven’t visited many other blogs in longer. I make no apology – I’ve just been busy (yeah, it’s rare). These spare few minutes are only because I left work early – and all the family are on Magnetic Island so I have a moment or two of peace before they return. But I now have two weeks off for more fun with family.


Sunset from my balcony. This is looking south-east. The real sun set was fairly well hidden by trees, but this was a pretty stunning view to see while sipping an evening cocktail beer.

Dress up

Remember when wearing grown-up’s clothes was the funniest thing in the world? I think I am now an old lady. Here is my niece wearing my clothes. I think I need to take style tips from her.


One thought on “Neglect

  1. I too finally managed to return to logging a post (I’ll try more often in future). Because I’m not clever enough to do it any other way – you and your sister may like to check it out (please accept my acknowledgement for again pilfering on of your pictures to use – but you’ll see what i mean when you get there). Hope you’re having a fun holiday – will speak with you sometime re: ?Sunshine coast in November.

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