Good things definitely come in threes!

First of all, thank you so much to everyone who left comments of encouragement.  Thanks to you all, though I still think I suck at knitting, I’m determined to stick to it.  I am even willing to be kicked out of Melissa’s “I suck at knitting” club, as long as I can be a member in the first place 🙂 (Boy, the laugh I got out of that comment!!).

Yesterday was also a fabulous day because such great things happened.

First, I checked emails in the morning and found that I had won a book!!  Which, though not really something I would normally go for, I can’t wait to read.  And when I’m done, I know a lot of people that might get a kick out of it that I can pass it on to.

Then when I came home I found this in my letterbox:

Receiving a cheque in the mail when you’re not expecting it can never be a bad thing.  This may be the result of the electricity bill I paid a couple of months ago.  Twice.  I’ll not be doing that again, thanks to the fact that I actually file bills away once they’re paid (new filing system and all).

And when I got to the front door I found a huge package with this inside:

My sweet, sweet cousin bought this for me (probably more for the name of the set, rather than because I needed it).  Actually another friend bought me the same set for Christmas last year.  So I now have a placemats for eight – it may be time for a dinner party in the new house!!

All these gifts and nice words make me feel very special.  Thank you lovely people (yes, even the people at Ergon Energy!!!).


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