Not a knitter

Tonight I taught myself how to knit.

I suck at it.


10 thoughts on “Not a knitter

  1. You’ll get better. It doesn’t look too bad at all.

    I don’t expect you had to learn to knit ‘right-handed’, like I had to learn to knit ‘left-handed’ when I taught you the first time, many years ago.

    Are you planning a project or just wanting to master another creative skill? Good luck with it. Not sure that I would find the heat in your city conducive to knitting – but of course, it’s all normal temperature to you.

  2. theres nothing wrong with that!!! You can do it!

    Your problem may be needle size. Make sure you are using the right size needles for the yarn that you are using.

    I taught myself, and if I can anyone can

    think about joining it’s a knitting/crochet site that is full of great information, and encouragement.


  3. Well I am the leader of the I-Suck-At-Knitting club, and if that’s your first try, after teaching yourself, I’m sorry to say that you’re on your way to becoming a good knitter and you can’t join my club 🙂

  4. It looks fine to me. I’ll bring up some of the more fluffy wool that hides mistakes and you can help me with my bloody bed blanket – why did i start it?????!!!!!

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