Two days in a field

The ‘N.Q. Field Days’ is an agricultural show held every two years just out of town. If you love farm equipment, this is the place for you. I don’t, so it wasn’t the place for me. But I had to go because work made me go. Still, it was fun to get out of the office for a while – especially as my camera came with me.






2 thoughts on “Two days in a field

  1. We usually go to the Murrumbateman Field Days each October. It’s about the nearest thing I can get to being on the farm, apart from the Royal Canberra Show in February. I look at the machinery and think how different it is now to when I was on the farm.

    Years ago all this machinery would have been displayed at the regular agricultural shows in the cities, along with cattle, equestrian events, and sideshows, etc. Now it seems that these shows have very little machinery as it’s all being shown in Field Days around the country, which are probably much more accessible for intending customers anyway.

    Your photos are great.

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