Cold feet – for cold nights

One of my favourite ever TV shows has been on DVD for years.  In fact, my sister owns all the Cold Feet DVDs and some years ago I watched every episode in almost one sitting (I saw every episode within the space of a week).  So when I saw the box set for sale at a crazy price, I couldn’t resist.  Several evenings this past week have seen me curled up in a quilt with a cup of hot chocolate watching good TV.  Ah, I love winter in the tropics.


4 thoughts on “Cold feet – for cold nights

  1. Great blog!
    I want to watch Cold Feet, too…wrapped in a blanket and with a cup of hot chocolate, of course! Btw, I am for the first time ever inspired to make my own quilt!(!!!) I’ll email you the source of my inspiration.


    ps! I had such a wonderful time yesterday! Your new house is gorgeous. It is so you!

  2. Are you MAD??? A quilt and hot chocolate? It hasn’t dropped below 24 degrees yet! We still have the air conditioning on!!

  3. I guess the temperature is all relative – 24º probably relates to about 6º here. I know how you feel about finding a favourite TV show now available on DVD.

    My very favourite show of all time is “To Serve Them All My Days” (set in an English boys’ school and reminiscent of ‘Goodbye Mr Chips’). It was a 10 or 12 part serial that we watched about 20 years ago and now, finally, it is available on 6 DVDs as a boxed set. I ordered mine this morning. The timing is perfect too, with winter just around the corner.

    Will I enjoy them more if I make a quilt, I wonder?

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