Back to school

This week I had my first photography lesson. It wasn’t too bad – so far. I found that I knew pretty much everything the teacher (are they called teachers in TAFE?) was telling us. I clearly didn’t know as much as the 17 year old who, in his own words “have been debating with myself for the past few years about the cause of white noise and whether it is a function of $%& #$%& *^^# $^#…” Blah, blah, freaking blah! TAFE is no place for pimply brown-nosers. When the teacher asked us all what we were doing the course for, most people said, “to learn everything,” or “dunno.” And while I did say I wanted to learn how to take better pictures of people, that was nothing on Master Brown-Noser, who wants to take “Hollywood Portraits.” HOLLYWOOD – freaking – PORTRAITS!!! Can anyone tell me what a Hollywood portrait even is? I don’t think the teacher even knew….


The next morning I had to catch the red-eye to Brisbane. The trip was alright (as alright as business trips can be). I got to catch up with a very pregnant work colleague who is going on maternity leave in two weeks. That was special.

I returned this evening to find lots of goodness in the mail, including this:


36 charm squares that I ordered from the Fat Quarter Shop in the U.S. (Monkey’n Round by Erin Michael). I’m now off to make a baby quilt for the friend I caught up with. And when I’m finished that I’ll make Bec’s wedding present. And then I’ll finish the other baby quilt I started a trillion years ago. Then I’ve got a quilt to make for another friend’s little boy. And maybe if I’m bored I’ll make something for myself…

Edited to add:

The quilt so far…




4 thoughts on “Back to school

  1. So we’ll DEFINITELY see you Monday night, then? With all that sewing to do…
    Cute monkeys 🙂

    I would feel like back-handing that little smart alec. On the other hand, it’s good to have dreams and he’s exactly the sort of person who ends up taking photos for New Idea.

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