A few random pics

The Otago Peninsula, near Dunedin.Otago Peninsula

Grasses on the sand dunes – Otago Peninsula.Sand dunes

A lady caught in a time warp – Oamaru. The sign on the door says, “It’s famous because it’s good.” It does not say, “It’s famous because it’s God,” as I initially thought. Still – I’m not sure what “it” is exactly.Caught in a time warp

I’ve been trying to find a cool quote about New Zealand to update on the sidebar. For the most part, all I’ve found are slightly derogatory comments – though amusing at the same time. For example:

  • When George Bernard Shaw visited New Zealand a reporter asked him his impression of the place and, after a pause, Shaw is said to have replied: “Altogether too many sheep” ……. George Bernard Shaw 1934
  • “Terrible tragedy of the south seas. Three million people trapped alive.” ……. Thomas Jefferson Scott
  • “New Zealand was colonised initially by those Australians who had the initiative to escape.” ……. Robert Muldoon 1981
  • “The United States invented the space shuttle, the atomic bomb and Disneyland. We have 35 times more land than New Zealand, 80 times the population, 144 times the gross national product and 220 times as many people in jail.
    Many of our big cities have more kilometres of freeway than all of New Zealand, our 10 biggest metropolises each have more people than all of New Zealand, and metropolitan Detroit has more cars on the road than all of New Zealand.
    So how come a superpower of 270 million got routed in the America’s Cup, the world’s most technically oriented yacht race, by a country of 3.5 million that outproduces us only in sheep manure?” ……. Eric Sharp 1995

3 thoughts on “A few random pics

  1. That woman out of time… she is standing outside the door to Lanes Emulsion, it would seem.
    This was a white oily-like emulsion that was given to children in the 40s & 50s to build up their immune systems- a sort of tonic, if you like. (Possibly the equivalent to Snake oil, Haha) I was given some, but I much preferred the Maltexo tonic, & would happily take that.

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