Christchurch (again)

And being in Christchurch means I’m at the end of my trip 😦 

I leave in less than eight hours.  Minus check-in time at the airport, and time to get to the airport, that gives me about five hours to see Christchurch.  Do you think that’s enough time???

In the last few days since the last post I’ve climbed up Mt Hutt (and nearly took the shortcut down by getting blown off the mountain), driven through Arthur’s Pass (where the rain and fog didn’t enhance the view at all), stayed in hospital in Geraldine (which was converted into a hostel), seen Lake Tekapo (very blue water, cute little chapel by the lake), gotten lost a billion times and saw another unknown lake (also lovely – but clearly not many others knew about it either, which was great), visited Akaroa – a little French village just outside of Christchurch (now overrun with people like me – tourists).  The list of things I didn’t do is obviously longer, it just means I’ll have to come back someday.

Next post will hopefully be loaded with some of the 6GB of pictures I’ve taken.  Don’t worry, I said some – not all.


2 thoughts on “Christchurch (again)

  1. So beside all the wildlife – did you meet a wild man??? I met one there….not that wild – more ferral really!! Anyway after all that time – did you not have someone sharing the boot space in your car?? Going halves in your 2 minute noodle dinners at the backpackers?? Some kind of foreigner? handsome or ugly?

    love me

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